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Zodiac and Chart reading

If you analyse your zodiac chart you will have a better understanding of how your personality is affected by and interacts with both the stars and planets above. Zodiac charts can help interpret the nature of a person and make predictions about your future. Here are steps on how to read a zodiac chart.

Begin by finding your sign

The journey to understanding yourself more deeply starts by finding your sign. To help you locate your sign, you will need to look at the outer rim of the chart which will be divided into 12 separate sections. Each of the sections are signs of the zodiac which represent a wide range of personality traits. You will then be able to find your birth date which will be found in one of the 12 sections. The place your birth date is located will identify your zodiac sign.

Signs each have meaning

Have you found your sign? Each sign has its own meaning, and knowing these meanings is key to opening your understanding. Your zodiac sign is meant to have an influence on your personality. For example, if you are an Aries, your personality traits are supposed to mean that you are driven, outgoing, ambitious and passionate. Learning about your personality traits can give you a completely different prospective on life and help give you new meaning. Although some people may see astrology and zodiac as luck rather than fact, make sure to stay committed to learn about what each of the signs mean.

Locating your Ascendant

Perhaps one of the most critical pieces of information your Zodiac chart needs is the ascendant. Understanding the role of the ascendant will help you understand all the houses that are labelled on your chart. For example, if your zodiac wheel was a clock, you will find the ascendant at 9 o’clock which points to your first house. Understanding the role of the ascendant will take time, so make sure that you have patience and stay driven to get to grips with each part of your zodiac chart.

Houses and where to find them

There are twelve houses, each of which are of vital importance when reading your chart. Each house points to various aspects of your life, which will play a huge influence on your zodiac chart. The first house represents you from your birth date which includes you as a person, your physical appearance, your attitude and other qualities that are relevant to you. With 11 other houses to learn, you will need to set time aside to understand what each house represents and what they mean to you.

The Planets are key

Your understanding of the Zodiac continues by paying attention to the location of the planets. The planets that travel through all the houses in your chart play a significant part in how you read it. Each of the planets are dotted throughout the chart and represented by various symbols. For example, the sun is represented in the form of a circle with a dot placed in the center. With various planets to learn about, the sooner you begin to learn, the better success you will have on understanding your zodiac chart. Make sure to stay motivated and driven when learning your zodiac chart. For every 80 people who make a zodiac chart, the chances are that the majority will understand how it works if they focused.

Read and understand

You’re now equipped with everything you need to read your Zodiac chart. For accuracy, you will need to pay special attention to all the information listed above. There are various factors that you should take into consideration such as where the planets appear, what house they appear in and what sign they fall under. This will help give you more information on how personality and your life path. The planets on your zodiac chart represent your actions as a person. The houses represent how you plan to accomplish a task. There are all sorts of signs that you will need to study and understand so that your zodiac chart makes sense to you and is completely accurate to read.

Take time to make sense of what you see. Be careful, as this can be a delicate topic. That way, the information you read will be much easier to retain which will help you go on to understand your zodiac chart.

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